Welcome to Bubbles & Blocks Child Development Center!  We know what a privilege it is to be trusted with your child's care and how important this decision is to your family.  Bubbles & Blocks feels that child care is a partnership between the center and the parents and together we can provide a wonderful place for your child to develop and thrive.

At Bubbles & Blocks CDC our Mission Statement is:  To provide quality child care to children in a safe and nurturing environment, while providing them with numerous opportunities to grow their social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development.

Child Care Philosophy:  At Bubbles & Blocks Child Development Center, we believe that children are natural explorers.  They are born with a curiosity about their world and a desire to explore it.  We foster this curiosity by providing them with opportunities to interact with a variety of different materials.  We also believe that the number one way that children learn is through play.  As teachers we will use both child-guided and teacher-guided activities as we learn and discover right along with the children.

Key Benefits:

  • Bubbles & Blocks Child Development Center offers child care from 6:30 a.m. to 6 p.m to fit the schedules of most working parents.

  • Care is given to a wide range of ages allowing for parents of multiple children to enroll them in only one center.

  • We are a licensed child care center which ensures that we meet strict safety guidelines set out by Nebraska Licensing and the Fire Marshal as well as low child-to-staff ratios allowing more quality teacher time for each child.

  • Safety is extremely important to us. We have a secure key-code entrance, passcode sign-in, and surveillance cameras in every classroom that are monitored by the director.

  • Bubbles & Blocks Child Development Center caters in Breakfast, Lunch, and Snack daily from Ground Up ensuring the children gets healthy, well-balanced meals each day.

  • Quality Teachers are one of the most important aspects of our center. We select only the highest quality teachers based on their understanding of child development and best practices, along with an evident love of caring for children. We require our teachers to either hold a degree in Early Childhood Education or a related field or be pursuing a degree in the field.

  • Bubbles & Blocks CDC tailors our curriculum to each child's individual abilities and needs. We use both a traditional and Reggio approach to learning. Children will be engaged in both teacher guided and child guided exploration as they prepare to enter school.